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Poroty pheasant Sujuk Sausage

Poroty pheasant Sujuk Sausage

Poroty pheasant Sujuk Suasage

Sujuk sausage is one of the famous Turkish meat products.

Sujuk is a spiced sausage eaten in parts of the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Balkans.

Sujuk sausage is a Turkish-style processed meat. Sujuk is actually a type of sausage with abundant and spicy spices, with the difference that pheasant meat, which has high protein, is used in Sujuk Poroty sausage, and the tenderness of pheasant meat is well evident in it. The use of special spices for sujuk made by Austrian Almi company in the taste of sujuk sausage has made Pheasant Poroty very hearty and delicious. Poroty has launched this product in two types of mini and family sausages. The excellent and delicious taste of pheasant meat along with the spiciness of black pepper and the aroma of cumin make this product unique, which is a luxury offer for your loved ones.

How to use: This product can be fried or mixed with vegetables and then cooked and served.

Sausage Sujuk Pheasant poroty has been launched in the market with excellent quality and packaging in different weights.

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