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Meat products with pheasant meat

Meat products with pheasant meat

For the first time in the country (iran), we are proud to offer you new products with the best taste and quality and the most delicious  seasonings in pheasant meat and processed meat products (Partridge, pheasant and turkey).

 sausages, nuggets and pheasant burgers are among Poroty’s products made from pheasant meat, which with great taste are a good offer for friends who are looking to try special and delicious tastes.

Pheasant has soft and tender meat and quick digestion and is effective in treating anemia, insomnia, general weakness, strengthening memory and body strength.

Pheasant meat with high protein and low calories is an excellent food for athletes and people who are looking for fitness.

Pheasant meat works very well in strengthening the immune system and also strengthening the physical and sexual powers.

For the first time in Iran, Kashto Sanat and Livestock Company introduced products processed from quail and pheasant meat, including pheasant meat sausages and pheasant meat sausages, by introducing the registered brand of Kashto Sanat and Kaho Livestock Company under the name of Poroty and the Halal logo. It has entered the consumer market to offer our dear consumers.

Poroty pheasant sausages are suitable products for export markets to neighboring countries. Dear traders and merchants, considering that this product produced for the first time in Iran can be among the best-selling export products, it is an honor to contact us for order and cooperation.

To order Poroty pheasant sausages,  please contact us with the numbers below.

09029209797 – 0902920838

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