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Amazing properties Partridge egg

Amazing properties Partridge egg

Partridge eggs nutrition information

Because the hens are not even half as prolific egg layers as chicken or quail, and thus cannot be capitalized on by the food industry to contribute to human nutrition to a larger extent, there has been little interest in the nutritional value of partridge eggs and as a result very little nutritional information is available. Most partridge eggs nutrition facts are actually generalized data extrapolated from knowledge of the nutritional value of chicken and other eggs varieties.

Partridge eggs nutrition facts
Good source of protein

Like all eggs, partridge too contain quality protein with all essential amino acids. Protein helps build and repair muscle and contributes to nervous system activity by helping with the synthesis of essential neurotransmitters for the brain. Eating eggs like partridge provides satiation and nourishes the brain.

Fats and cholesterol profile in partridge eggs

Partridge egg yolks contain both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and cholesterol. Fats are food for the brain and help nourish it and support cognitive functions. Cholesterol in particular is good for us in limited amounts as studies show it helps make up the protective myelin sheath surrounding the tail of our nerve cells. Partridge eggs contain limited amounts of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory benefits for cardiovascular health

What are the benefits of partridge eggs?
  1. Good for muscles thanks to a good protein content and a good B vitamins content.
  2. Help reduce brain fog and benefit concentration and improve mood (thanks to the amino acids in protein and fatty acids in fat which nourish the brain).
  3. As a source of protein, partridge eggs provide satiation and help with weight management and possibly also weight loss.
  4. Contain cholesterol and vitamin B12 which have a  protective effect on nerve cells.
  5. Iron and vitamins B9 and B12 in partridge eggs make them good for anemia.
  6. Eating partridge and other eggs is good for hair and skin thanks to protein, fats, B vitamins, and various dietary minerals.
  7. Soft boiled partridge eggs are easy on the stomach and may help with the management of active gastritis, but not by themselves. Diet as a whole is important for gastritis treatment.
  8. Provide good nutrition for pregnant women (vitamins B9, B12, iron, fats and minerals) and contribute to the prevention of neural tube defects in newborns (all eggs do this).
  9. Energizing effect – all eggs are nutritious as they are a source of B vitamins, minerals, protein and fat.


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