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Partridge meat

Partridge meat

The amount of protein in partridge meat is higher than  other birds. This meat has a variety of amino acids and is low in fat and cholesterol and prevents the occurrence of various diseases.

Another feature of this meat is its high potassium, phosphorus and magnesium content. This meat also helps to strengthen memory and sexual power and general weakness of the body.

The salts in the partridge meat are absorbed by the body and provide the energy needed by the body. This meat is suitable for people of different ages and is considered a healthy food.

Its meat is warm. Among the other properties of this meat, which traditional medicine has also mentioned, are the elimination of general weakness of the body, prevention of respiratory infections, elimination of nervous disorders, cessation of fever, etc.

Among its other properties is that it produces less uric acid, and therefore increases the activity of the kidneys, thereby eliminating toxins from the body.

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