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Since we have collected the benefits of consuming pheasant meat in various contents of the site for you dear ones, we have produced a product from the meat of this bird that provides easy use and quick access to a healthy, nutritious and luxurious food for your dear ones.

In today’s busy era, when most ladies don’t have much time to cook, it is very popular to turn to canned food, and since cooking pheasant meat is an important challenge and follows the same cooking process as red meat, here we have canned meat. We introduce Poroty pheasant to you.

A new and unique taste test of pheasant meat and canned food that you have never tasted before “Poroty canned pheasant meat”

Dear friends, from all parts of the country, you can order from a wide range of Proti products on the company’s website and contact us with these numbers.

09029208383 – 09029209797