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Pheasant meat sausage

Pheasant meat 

Healthy and organic fast food, for the first time in Iran, producing poroty pheasant sausage The unique properties of pheasant meat are an incentive to grow and produce this useful meat. The nutritional value of pheasant meat is high protein, low calorie and low fat compared to chicken meat, which has its own fans, including athletes and bodybuilders. Pheasant meat is fast-digesting, which is suitable for use by all ages. Considering the methods of cooking time on pheasant meat and the lack of familiarity of the majority of people with the methods of cooking the meat of this bird, we suggest you to use Poroty pheasant meat sausages and sausages, in addition to quick access and minimum cooking time, originality of taste and Experience the taste of pheasant meat with us. kahoo keshto sanato dam Company has released a new and innovative product for sale in Iran’s domestic market and export market. We at kahoo keshto sanato dam Company do our best to provide healthy and organic products as well as new flavors for the satisfaction of our valued customers.

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