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Duck is a name that is usually used for a number of species of geese in the duck family. Ducks live in both sea and fresh water.

A duck is an egg-laying bird that lives mostly in water. There are many species of ducks in the world that are not yet known. This bird has fat feathers so that the feathers do not get wet when it comes into contact with water and the bird does not become heavy after getting out of the water.

duck stand

Duck is one of the animals that likes water a lot, and many think that life on land is not accompanied by pleasure and satisfaction for the animal; But it should be known that contrary to the imagination, experience has shown that the duck gets used to changing the environment and the existing situation very quickly and is easily able to compensate for the lack of water and lakes and the like with pastures and green meadows and even breeding Tolerate the package easily and well as it flows in the hair of other domestic poultry. Regarding the construction of duck nests, the conditions and principles that should be considered for chicken farms are also applicable to duck nests, the point should be kept in mind, because ducks are used to living in the open air all day and night and are constantly movement and activity, therefore, one should try to allocate as much as possible wide and large enclosed areas in front of each nest for ducklings, so that the animals can leave their places and jump in that area when necessary.

Duck feeding

Unlike other types of domestic poultry, ducklings show a strange interest in eating food from the very first hours of hatching, and usually at such a time it is better to use food that is in water or food of animal origin to feed the chicks. be; But if this is not possible, some bran flour, milk powder, and fodder flour can be made into a paste and given to the chickens five to six times a day.

Experience has shown that the aforementioned compounds, of course, its components can be replaced with other food and fodder and seeds, are considered complete and good food for ducks and especially have a great effect on the growth and development of chickens. The growth of ducklings is more or less faster than other domestic birds, and if the food is given to the animal in a sufficient and balanced amount, the animal will grow strangely. The feeding of the animal is gradually reduced from the age of two weeks onwards, and at the age of three to four weeks, the number of meals is reduced to two times a day.