About Us

Kahoo Keshto Sanato Dam  Company started its activity in the field of dairy cattle breeding in 1385, according to the prospects and consumer market in 1392, its field of activity and work to breed other poultry (pheasants, partridges, quails) Changed and after obtaining an exploitation license in 1993, the farm began its official activities in raising pheasants, partridges and quails.
In this regard, the R&D unit of the Lettuce Farming and Livestock Farm has put its research on the processing of eggs and meat of the above birds on the agenda so that it can take a new step in the direction of processed products from the meat and eggs of poultry. And export outside the borders of Iran.

Myco Corporation has started its activity in Iran since 2011, currently with more than 200 personnel with the highest growth rates in the furniture and sleeping goods industry of the country, as well as for two consecutive years as the first and most prominent brand in the furniture import industry. We are aware of changes in organizational strategies, staffing perspectives and attention to centralized management; we are trying to get closer to international standards. One of the honors of the country is direct high-level branches in the country and extensive outdoor and outdoor advertising. Irihatash Kish Company has always been a leader in its customers’ satisfaction and will make its own financial outlook for human resources.