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Kahoo keshto sanato dame Company in 1391 by expanding the scope of the company’s activity in breeding and production sectors (partridge, pheasant, turkey) and building a multi-purpose complex that includes hatchery departments, breeding halls, affiliated slaughterhouse, packing hall It is equipped with a vacuum device with MAP technology (modified atmosphere packaging) and the main part of breeding for the first time in the east of Iran has a license, and license to exploit other poultry (pheasants).

Every day we are looking for food with easier and healthier packaging than the meat of other poultry such as (pheasant, partridge, turkey). The special properties of the meat of poultries have a special place in traditional Iranian medicine.

Good cooking with the meat of other birds (pheasant, partridge, turkey) requires experience and special training, and the brand “Poroty” by sharing cooking videos of the meat of other birds is a new way to produce delicious food with the meat of these birds, whether it is roasted or not. And what barbecue offers that can teach its target group how to cook pheasant and partridge meat delicious and nutritious.

Kahoo Keshto  Sanato dame Company is the first producer of pheasant meat with Poroty brand and Halal logo license.

Prepared and semi-prepared foods with meat from other poultry (pheasant and partridge) is another products of the Poroty brand in the fast food category, which has seen a lot of growth in the portfolio of protein products today.

Poroty pheasant sausages with excellent quality and taste gives you the authenticity and real taste of pheasant meat.

Test the originality of taste and flavor with Poroty products.