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Poroty Pheasant Cabanossi Sausage

Poroty Pheasant Cabanossi Sausage

Poroty Pheasant Cabanossi Sausage 

It is a thin, long and dry sausage that was produced for the first time in Poland. The dryness of Cabanossi sausage is due to the fact that after cooking, the moisture content of this product is taken up to 50%, and due to the absorption of moisture, the amount of protein in this product is twice as high as other meat products. This product is produced in different lengths and sizes, smoky and hard and dry in appearance, and its main flavor comes from the spices and cooking method.

At least 150 grams of pheasant meat is used to produce every 100 grams of Cabanossi. Due to its high protein, it is recommended to use this product in the food chain for children and athletes.

How to use: Cabanossi sausage does not need to be heated, grilled or steamed under any circumstances and is served cold.

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