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Pheasant egg

Pheasant egg

Fertilized pheasant eggs are born from the healthy fertilization of male and female pheasants and will not turn into chicks until the temperature, humidity and air necessary for the development of embryo cells are provided.

The incubation period of pheasant’s eggs is 24-25 days. Most breeders prefer to use an incubator instead of natural incubation in order to turn a large number of fertilized eggs into chicks at the same time and by adjusting the necessary conditions for the development of the embryos, the percentage of their successful conversion raise

Most breeders who use incubators prefer to collect the desired number of fertilized eggs and then place them all at once inside the incubator.

Kahoo Agriculture and Livestock Company has launched a variety of productive pheasant breeds with breeding standards in Razavi Khorasan province and is continuously active in the production of fertile pheasant’s eggs and supply and sale to colleagues and valued customers for the production of pheasant’s chicks.

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